August 28, 2015

Kelly Clemmer, Editor-in-Chief

Health Foundation purchases new equipment for hospital


The Wainwright and District Health Board Foundation purchased a number of new items for the Wainwright Health Foundation.
The Heart Strings and Roses fundriaser in February raised about $82,000 through the dinner and corporate donations.
All the purchases are from the 2015 fundraiser. There are funds left that will go towards next year’s list of items. The items purchased included: a GlideScope handle, with disposable covers, for opening throat airways and diagnosing with a cost of approximately $7,000; an AccuVein, portable system for locating collapsed veins, nearly $7,000; a vital sign machine for $6,000 and a VersaCare Air bed for long term care was purchased for $15,000.
Lee-Ann Hills, the long term care resident who is now occupying the VersaCare bed said that the bed is a pressure relief bed, that can move up and down and side to side as needed, and she’s is able to call for help right within the bed controls.
“In the over eight years that I’ve been here, this is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had,” said Hills.
Myron Zajic, chair of the Health Foundation explained that the Foundation members will begin to meet in September or October to begin planning for the next fundraiser and talk about the next items that could be purchased for the hospital.
“With the economy, especially with the oil companies that have supported us so well, we’re not expecting for anything too extravagant,” said Zajic. “We raised a bit more than we expected this year, so we have a cushion. Usually, the community supports us so well.”
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