Jan. 29, 2010

Heartstrings and Roses gala Feb. 13
Reporter: Kelly Clemmer Friday, January 29, 2010 At 9:00AM News

Chair of the Health Board Foundation, Myron Zajic
It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day, which means the Wainwright and District Health Foundation are ready to host another gala Heartstrings and Roses fundraiser.

The gala is on Feb. 13, at the Elks Hall, with the doors open at 6, dinner at 6:30 p.m. is raising funds for a surgical package for the operating room of the Wainwright Health Centre.

Every year the Foundation chooses equipment to purchase, which is chosen after the Foundation board, along with the hospital administration, doctors and AHS staff meet to discuss.

“The AHS staff put a lot of time and effort into the background of this equipment, the training, and research the usage of the equipment,” said Myron Zajic, chair of the Health Board Foundation. “We have to know what services can be provided, what staff are available to provide that service, if there is space for the equipment and will AHS maintain this equipment after it is in place.

“We know from experience what support the Gala brings in for us, but depending on the economy, donations can vary greatly,” said Zajic.

In 2009, the Foundation had an agreement with AHS to fund the tela-ultrasound equipment on a cost share on a 50/50 basis. The AHS budget was cut, with a spending freeze put in place after the tela-ultrasound was already purchased.

“This put the Board in an awkward position at a critical time,” said Zajic. “Fortunately, Bumper to Bumper stepped forward and offered to partner with the Foundation to help pay for the tela-ultrasound with the funds they raised from their annual charity golf tournament.

“The board really appreciates what Grant Mills and his crew did, with this exceptional support,” said Zajic.

The Health Board Foundation chair went on to say that the support from the citizens of Wainwright and surrounding communities, both individual and corporate has been very strong.

“It’s been phenomenal,” said Zajic. “Our Foundation prides itself in the fact that we do look at higher profile items that are leading edge technology that serve the greater need in enhancing health services.

“I just can’t say enough about the generosity of this community when it comes to help our Foundation reach its goals,” he said.

This year, the Foundation is fundraising towards an Operation Room Surgical Package, which includes a Pneumo Sure High Flow Insufflator (used for laprascopic surgery), ATS 1200 Tourniquet (used in the Emergency and OR), Syringe Pump (used by anesthetists for epidurals and in the OR), and a laproscope (used for gallbladder and other surgeries).

The price tag for the package is $39,000.

“There will be more announcements about this equipment and what it will be used for at the Gala,” said Zajic. “This event is more than a fundraiser, it will be good exercise for your heart and treat your valentine. Remember, if you’re healthy, you’re wealthy.”

Tickets are available through Lorraine Rutledge, Community Health Foundation Fundraising Chair at Tickets are $50 each, $500 for a table of eight and all other donations will be accepted.
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